Reflecting on CodeNEXT Game Night

On June 27, Austinites joined Glasshouse Policy, the Austin Monitor, Austin Tech Alliance, Downtown Austin Alliance and Austin Board of Realtors in launching our first CodeNEXT Game Night.

The goal of this event was create an accessible way for people to understand the trade-offs associated with city planning and bring to light some of the issues CodeNEXT must address.

Attendees worked in teams to place “incoming population” within Austin’s 10 city council districts using Legos. Each city council district had different monetary gains and political capital costs based on real world housing data. The winning team was determined by a panel of judges who used rubric categories such as equity, accommodation, and budget to make their decision. For more in-depth information on the game and team results, please read our other blog post Land Policy & Legos: A CodeNEXT Game Night Summary.

After the event, we surveyed attendees to find out what they learned. We discovered that after playing the game the majority of participants were much more likely to pursue information about this issue and were interested in finding a way to impact CodeNEXT:

Based on the feedback from the surveys, we are hoping to incorporate the following suggestions to better improve Game Nights in the future:

  • Including a more informative introduction of CodeNEXT.
  • Taking more time to explain the rules of the game.
  • Fleshing out the ties between the game and CodeNEXT.
  • Including a “debrief” after everyone has played.

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