Our highest priority at Glasshouse is ensuring transparency and sustainability for our community. We are proudly announcing the third team-instated instalment of the Glasshouse Improvement Protocol; before we move community governance voting to snapshot.org.


12% GLASS Linear Burn over 730 days (2 years)

GLASS supply…

Glasshouse was born from a logical approach to a complex question:

How do you source statistically accurate price predictions for a cryptocurrency?

Many platforms have answered this with simple voting. …

GIP-01 and GIP-02 are our first implementations of the Glasshouse Improvement Protocol, a community lead programme that seeks to continuously upgrade the Glasshouse platform.

Upon the Glasshouse alpha platform being publicly released, regular governance voting via snapshot.org will commence.


Team Token Vesting (GLASS)

As part…

By incentivising users to predict the future price of a token, Glasshouse aims to build an algorithm that could effectively tell you the future price of any cryptocurrency.

Glasshouse is developing a decentralised application enabling traders to find the most promising tokens before anyone else, using intelligent algorithms to predict the future price of any cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

It all works by incentivising users to stake their token of choice and make a prediction on the future price of that…


Decentralising Data to Predict the Future of Crypto.

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