Musician/Band/Festival Social Media Business Plan

Hello. I have something valuable and interesting (depending on your needs) to share. However, my wife says I write the way I talk - which does not lend the written word to convey my engaging ideas and fundamentally sound rational. (see! I was just trying to sound witty yet intelligent, but it probably came off as just slightly wordy and confusing).

I am also hoping you take a leap of faith when I say “trust me, I have a great background.” I have paid my dues working at college radio, interned at a major record label, interviewed nationally recognized recording artists, led collaboration campaigns for global technology companies & last but certainly not least, run social media for major recording artists & a music festival.

Basically I am just a moderately intelligent huge music fan who see’s an opportunity to make the artist-fan connection stronger.

Which leaves me with the ultimate challenge. How do I tempt you to take 60 seconds to look at the outline of my plan that will provide you with a:

WORKSHEET to evaluate the artists/fest current status & goals

SOCIAL PLAN to ensure you have the fundamentals in place

TIMELINE to allow for successful execution

CADENCE to establish the correct daily activity to the defined target market

Like I said, it takes 60 seconds to get an opinion, take a look.

See any additions/subtractions you would recommend?

Yes. I can work with you to help fill in the missing pieces.

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