How to Boost Team Morale

A motivated team is a happy team.

Having a motivated and happy team of employees is essential for any business. If a team member isn’t happy, their work will suffer. Contract hires may have a timeline on how long they’re going to be a part of the team, but their well-being should be nonetheless taken into consideration. Them feeling like they’re a real part of a team is key to accomplishing great work for the company as a whole.

Here are five tips to boost your team of permanent and contract employees’ morale:


No one wants to put in the extra work if they are not rewarded for it. Providing no incentives will only keep your team doing the bare minimum. The incentive has to be something desirable and something worth it. No one is going to work harder for a set of steak knives. Cash, trendy prizes, more vacation days would be more appealing.


Most companies have two separate allotments for time-offs — sick days or personal days. However, you should consider allowing both your permanent and contract employees to use their sick days to take a mental health day. If someone is stressed out, they aren’t going to be able to operate at full capacity. They’ll be distracted, unmotivated, and disinterested. Giving personnel mental health days will not only allow them to get the most out of their work hours, but it will show them that you truly care about their well-being.


Giving your team something fun to do after work is another great way to boost morale and to also boost team chemistry. Maybe pay for a happy hour, such as a team trip the bowling alley or a driving range. Anything that is fun and relaxing, non-work-related and most importantly cost nothing for your team. If they have fun with their team members, they’ll be happier at work and work better together.


Ask your team about what kind of changes they need, and then do your best to make those changes happen. Staff members want to know that their voice matters. Be sure to be as upfront and candid as possible. Seek their advice, take their suggestions, and try to make as cohesive a work environment as you possibly can.


It is important that your team has a space that they can go to at work to take a little breather. No one wants to be glued to their desk for eight straight hours. They want to stretch their legs and take their mind off of work for a few minutes every now and then. Provide a break room with some fun activities for anyone to partake in. Whether it be a ping pong table, a space with magazines, or just a spot with comfy couches, your team will operate much better if they can blow off steam. Be sure to pop in and join whatever the fun activity they’re doing. This shows them that you’re not only empathetic of what stresses them, but that you’re there to help them through it.

Suresh Parakoti is the Founder and CEO of, an online contingent staffing firm that leverages artificial intelligence to connect top IT talents with companies and hiring managers. With over 20 years of experience in technology & staffing, co-founded a successful IT consulting and staffing firm, has his finger at the pulse of the staffing industry and building out the next generation of staffing models by utilizing AI technology and machine learning.