Advantages of modern glass

People these days are looking for homes and offices that offer better privacy and security. Few years ago, this might have seemed impossible. However, today people can integrate stunning architectural designs by installing Smart Glass. As privacy is crucial in many spaces using such glass in spas, hospitals, salons and other places can be vital. Such glass can offer privacy solutions that turn opaque or transparent at the click of a button and can be a good replacement for blinds and curtains.

With the entry of smart glass in the market, it has become possible to get such desired features integrated within your home and other venues. Besides, privacy and safety, there are numerous advantages that come along when you opt for such type of modern glass.

Take a look at some advantages listed below:

1.Types and size:

Modern glass is available in a variety of types such as Reflective Glass, toughened glass, coated glass, patterned glass and so on. When you buy such glass from well-known providers, you are certain to get glass in different sizes as well as thickness. Some companies can even provide with customized glass according to your requirements.

2.Remote controlled glass:

The smart glass works with a remote control device that can activate the glass in less than 10 microseconds and is also suitable in temperatures from 0° to 55°C. Besides, it is lighter and can be easily installed.

3.Control transparency and heat transmission:

Opting for smart glass can help you control the amount of transparency as well as heat transmission within your homes and commercial places. Simply click on a button and turn your transparent glass into opaque instantly. Once you install the glass, it can block up to 50% light in “Off” mode.

4.Used for various purposes:

Working with such kind of glass can be fun and exciting for architects and designers. You can use them to build facade and windows, conference rooms that can look elegant and impress everyone. If you are looking at energy saving window glass in specific, make sure to opt for reflective glass.


Conventional glass is quite fragile and breaks or cracks easily. However, when you opt for modern glass, you can bend it according to your need. On the other hand, it does not break into shreds that can cause harm to those around.

6.Reduce carbon footprint:

Often homes and businesses struggle to reduce their carbon footprint. Once you install toughened glass, such worries are no more a concern. Besides, smart glass lasts a minimum of 20,000 cycles.


Wooden or mechanical doors and windows do not offer any sound proofing. By installing windows made from such glass, you are guaranteed to prevent sound from entering. Besides, sound the glass can also keep out UV rays and protect your loved ones. For best result, make sure to install glass along with uPVC.

8.Reduce cost:

With this glass, you do not have to worry about regular maintenance. Moreover, it also controls the incoming sunlight contributing to lesser electricity bills.

So in case if you are looking for a transparent or translucent solution for your houses, making use of smart glass can be a better idea. It can not only make your home look elegant, but also lend the décor a rich and suave feel. With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you switch to smart?

Content Courtesy: AIS Glass