Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

i didn’t do an estimate for friday but considering the horrible weather this weekend i didn’t do too badly.

$26.09 on groceries to make chili (and a few other things) because what is better when it’s cold and flooding? $22.44 at target for a badly needed new shower head, curtain liner, and some DELICIOUS smelling new soap. it’s from a brand called raw sugar and it smells EXACTLY like lemon drops mm. and then $27.69 for chinese on saturday night when we thought we were going to float away so i bought soup and general chicken for me, my bf, and my roommate. all told, $76.22.

i will need to cut back on eating out though as for my birthday today, my insurance company finally provided an eob of all my hospital visits since i broke my arms + my surgery! D: it’s not as horrible as i thought it would be but thank goodness for insurance.

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