Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

i really am not sure what i’m going to be doing this weekend either. tonight my friend is coming over to watch center stage but i have snacks and drinks already so i will say $0.

tomorrow the only thing i really want to do is listen to eddie izzard on wait wait don’t tell me, but i really only like to listen to the radio in my car, which means i would have to drive somewhere, and i need to buy gas anyway, so i will say $25 for that and maybe use my starbucks card to get drinks for me and the bf. tomorrow night i am going to a concert with my friends and i might buy a drink at the venue, so i will say $8 just in case.

sunday i expect to be very lazy although i will need to buy groceries. i want to say i will spend $60.

i maaaay buy new sunglasses this weekend to replace the ones that were lost, which will be about $100, but i may just wait til i get paid next friday and do it then. glasses usa seems to have sales a lot, which is where the frames are from, but i’m not sure how long items stay in stock. was going to just buy the same frames that were lost but apparently bonlook does not sell them any more. :(

total: between $90ish and $190ish

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