Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Tonight I might run by the grocery store really quick to get some supplemental food until the big run on Sunday, $10. Tomorrow my friend and I are going to a horse show so I’ll probably spend about $6 on food there (gotta have snacks!). It’s supposed to be in the 90s and possibly raining tomorrow so hopefully the indoor arena will not be too muggy.

Tomorrow night the boyfriend and I have plans, but they may be cancelled depending on if it does rain or not. If it does, we have free tickets to a nice new exhibit at the art museum ($20 usually) and then we’ll get some sushi ($30). I might have to get a tank of gas ($25) and then we are going out to my favorite bar (which keeps getting put off but we are GOING tomorrow, dang it) at which I’d say we’ll probably spend around $40.

Sunday my mom and sister are coming down for brunch, $15. Apparently my sister also has plans to go shopping but I don’t plan on buying anything unless it’s something for my friend’s birthday (I will say $15 just in case). And then groceries, as always, $75.

$216, but hopefully less

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