The personnel of a company is the personnel of employees who work on the accomplishment of a common task. The employees are employed workers, but not business owners. Since a worker has only one incentive to work — wages, management must look for ways to involve personnel in the general idea of development so that the income of the company and each employee grows.

The person is complicated. His mental features are manifested in different ways. Economic and social interests of employed people are different. The company’s management must take into account all factors and organize work seriously and responsibly…

The business forum, investors and startups called Invest Summit was held on the territory of the Olympic complex on 27 of November 2018. During the working day, more than 20 discussions were held on various economic and legal topics related to investing and starting a small business. Over 2000 participants listened speeches by several speakers from different countries.

Our company Glaz Systems participated in the summit. The international experience in business organization is extremely useful for businessmen from developing countries like Ukraine. …

The company Glaz Systems, specializes in cloud management technology and control in the commercial field. The internal losses of companies due to unfair employees in the absence of control can reach alarming proportions. Not all managers have modern knowledge, how to control the cashier, how to check checks. Digital “helpers” come to the service of commercial companies — methods of registration, video surveillance systems for a hotel, a shop, a restaurant. Our company helps property owners to realize their dream — to get rid of fraud and theft of employees. Cloud technology involves the continuous development of internal intellectual resources…

In November 2018, the exhibition of restaurant and hotel business Forech, was held in Kiev. The stands of 220 companies from Ukraine and 8 more countries were presented on the International Exhibition Center near the metro station Levoberezhna. The company Glaz Systems presented its own technology of video control systems for cash transactions in the retail, restaurant and hotel sectors to its Ukrainian and foreign participants, and to each visitor. …

In any commercial enterprise works different kind of people — sellers, consultants, loaders, packers, security guards, controllers, cashiers. The managing a large workforce is a difficult process, especially in large stores, so-called supermarkets, where the number of employees can be several hundred.

Modern retail chains, consisting of many enterprises in different regions of the country, customize their work on the basis of new technical developments and achievements. Without electronic control systems, it is impossible for a complex trading structure of function. Attentive visitor of the supermarket may notice the presence of various electronics and video cameras throughout the shopping area…

The problem of discipline within a team of the staff is one of the most important for owners. Especially, it is important to know the difference between punishment and the need to maintain the discipline during work. In other words — if you constantly keep the team in fear, in the end it will give you a bad result of the whole work of your bar.

The essence of the fines

Sometimes the system of the fines is so strict that the staff can lose almost all of their salary. Especially this situation occurs where the motivation for the quality work of the staff is…

It is impossible to imagine the well-coordinated work of any objects (bars, cafes etc) without observing the cash discipline. And this is not only making the whole order in the check and giving it to the client, but also the correct greeting and unobtrusive service.

The cashier should be extremely careful, because it depends on him how fast the guest will start eating. The employees of Glaz systems can track any violation of the cash operations management, which helps the director of the bars to monitor financial flows.

The main points of the cash discipline

Any cash flow must be reflected in the documentation! No operation should…

The GLAZ system has become an official application to the cloud box office of Poster.
Now the integration in this system includes only three clicks for our customers !

Poster Marketplace — the first marketplace of restaurant services in the CIS. Any startup will be able to write an application for cafes and restaurants, integrate it with Poster and place on the Poster Marketplace, gaining access to 5000+ potential customers.

Poster functionality

Sales management: acceptance of payments, printing of customer checks (cash register replacement):

fast registration of the order;
card room for the waiters;
different payment methods;
breakdown of check for the company;

Our GLAZ system has a status of strategic partners of Microinvest, the leader of the Bulgarian market in accounting and commodity accounting software. It has more than 50,000 unique users in Bulgaria, and more than 7,000 in the CIS. At the international level, it operates in 26 countries around the world.

Currently, Microinvest has 4 own offices in the cities of Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo. The company’s staff consists of more than 100 highly qualified and motivated specialists.

Products Microinvest have found their application in a variety of areas, and their list is regularly expanded.

Thank you for your trust!

Modern technologies have brought the personnel control system to a new level. Unexpected checks, multi-page handwritten reports or a system of penalties do not bring the expected result in all cases, also it makes you sad. The Glaz systems helps to detect violations in the work of personnel effectively. But with the introduction of new, more sophisticated software, bars employees often rebel. This is easy to explain, because in this case they need to invent new ways of illegal income.

GLAZ systems

Cloud system control that allows you to find and prove violations of cash transactions.

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