Who’s Gonna Save A Little Grace For Me

In the cold last night, I decided it was time to finally treat myself to the Patagonia down jacket I’d been eyeing for a couple years, so I decided to pull the trigger and made the purchase on my way to meet a friend for dinner.

When I arrived at my friend Eric’s house. He greeted me with, “Is that a men’s large Nano Puff in black?” I confirmed that it was, and he said, “Wow — I’ve got another one, the exact same thing, lightly used and you can have it.” I was so surprised with his generosity and was thrilled at my sudden bounty of Patagonia the whole way home.

This morning I woke up and was confronted by 2 thoughts: 1) the recent Executive Order of our President, and 2) Luke 3:11, which states “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same”. My wife and I promptly decided to return the new jacket and redirect that money to Save The Children’s Child Refugee Crisis Relief Fund.

This story isn’t a story of my generosity insomuch as it is a story of how willing I am to buy a jacket at the drop of a hat. The real moral here is that we are called to take care of others with what we’ve got. Quite simply: If we have two cloaks, give one away. If we have some food, share it. Political actions have left the most destitute among us in a lurch — and those are people that we can and should help.

I realized that it didn’t require me being dramatically generous to love those who are most in need. It simply required me taking opportunity to pass along the grace that I’d received. I’d invite those of you who can to do the same — if someone buys you a drink, or takes you to coffee, or gives you premium men’s jacket in the coming days — take the opportunity to pass that grace along to someone who really needs it. We’ll all be better for it.