My most recent challenging experience

I made it to Andela Bootcamp, Yes! Making it this far hasn’t been an easy ride but generally i am grateful for the opportunity. My journey here began by accidentally reading an interview CNN did on Mandana Dayani when she was asked about the most important company people haven’t heard of and she said Andela. I was intrigued with her response about what Andela was and its mission. I therefore went ahead and searched about it and was impressed with what i found since it’s main objective was inline with the career path that i want to take. I then applied and got through stage one. Stage two was where the most challenging bit comes in.

Going through the homestudy for the first time i realized it contains a lot of information that needs to be grasped in a short period of time and do a test on them. Considering i am employed and studying at the same time, my schedule is tight, adding the homestudy to it was going to make my schedule even tighter. Since i was determined to learn more on my passion which is programming i had to make adjustments to my already tight schedule to fix the study in.

My day would therefore begin with going to work, after work i would go to the library go through the homestudy until around ten at night when the library was closed. On my way home i would continue to read more of it . Upon arriving at home i would continue with it for about two hours then switch to school work for another two hours. Basically i would retire to bed pretty late and wake up very early to prepare for work. This was my schedule from Monday to Monday.

Doing the homestudy was challenging considering i have no background in IT so i had a lot of studying to do in a short period of time. I had to use other websites like pluralsight, code academy, udacity and some programming videos on YouTube to get to learn and understand more of what i was reading from the resources on the homestudy. It has been a very interesting journey of learning new programming languages and ways of pursuing my passion of being an elite software developer.