Hi, my name is Gleb. Nice to meet you.

Actually, I will try to make the note as short as possible since it is not really the time to write the autobiography, I just want that reader may know a little bit more about me.

I am 24 years old Russian guy. Nowadays, I am pretty much focused on the crypto space and particularly investing in the crypto-currencies. I have been doing it just a little bit more than 1.5 years.

Just a few facts about me:

  • My personal investment story started when I was 16 and bought some shares at Moscow exchange, since that time I am pretty much in it.(futures and stocks)
  • I have 1.5 years experience of working as a day-trader on NYSE for one propitiatory trading company.
  • I had a small realty-estate startup at some point in my life.
    Russian Computer science Bachelor degree && Swiss Master of Science in Finance degree
  • A bit crazy about structuralization and creating models.

Ah, who cares, let’s move to the business.
The main focus of the blog will be about crypto-investing and finance in common. Sometimes I have plenty of thoughts to share and discuss. The thoughts mostly about analysis crypto-assets, investment strategies, finance in common or even maybe something about life.The goal of the channel to be just a little bit more public, stimulate discussion, get new friends, receive some helpful feedback about different topics.
I can be really completely wrong in my judgments about different things and I would really appreciate if you will leave your opinion in the comments or with the private message.

Telegram: @glebash

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