Create better AR designs and experiences with these pro tips for mobile AR.

By Gleb Kuznetsov

AR design is like any other type of design, in that when we design products, we tell stories to our users. For years, we’ve had to tell stories on flat, 2D screens, but this is changing. We’re quickly moving in the era of fully-immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences.

AR is a new medium with an entirely new set of design challenges and opportunities. It’s not only changing the products we create, it’s also changing the tools we use and approaches we follow to design these products.

We are still at the beginning stages of the new technological revolution — the exciting time when technologies like AR will be an expected part of our daily routines — and it’s our opportunity to create a solid foundation for the future generation of designers. In this article, Gleb shares his personal experience and advice on how to create and design AR apps.

The digital and technological landscape is constantly changing — new products and technologies are popping up every day. Designers have to keep track of what is trending and where creative opportunities are. …

How to become a TOP designer?

Every designer wants to be successful. But success is a subjective measure. For many designers, success means that they are proud of the work they do, but for top designers, this is not enough — top designers want to become trend makers, people who define a direction for design. Many designers work hard to achieve this goal but, unfortunately, end up in frustration rather than success. Frustration strikes way too many designers because it can be hard to live up ambitions and designers always feeling like they miss the mark.

In this article, I want to share a few thoughts…

(c) Airbus 2018 Photo by Paul Bowen

An app dedicated to an aircraft? That might seem a bit niche, but when the aircraft in question is the iconic A380 by Airbus, I knew there was potential to create a totally new user experience for travelers. Our objective was to take a fresh approach to connect passengers with this pioneering plane in an immersive, emotional way.

Gleb Kuznetsov by Katerina. K

If you follow my posts on Dribbble, you know that I have been working on creating visual and product solutions using artificial intelligence for several years now.

To be honest, my first look toward this field was entirely a result of investor interest. Well funded startups are uniquely focused on using machine learning technologies to create the next generation of products right now. It was just a good business decision. Soon enough, however, the ideas have caught fire in my brain. I am deeply inspired by the idea that I could help create the unimagined future.

Those who were already…

Gleb Kuznetsov

Head of product design and visual

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