30 days of Interviews challenge, day 18

Design thinking research about interests and hobbies.

We are Wersatiles, a team of two conscious thinkers. Interviews were always the most challenging part of design thinking process for us. TheFutur inspired us to create something every day for 30 days and we chose to conduct a research on specific topic every day.

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At the end of each day, at least three strangers should have been interviewed. Our goal is to learn to find people’s problems and their causes, to see how people solve these problems and which of them they are unable to solve. This information should be useful for creation of new products and experiences with the help of design thinking.

Day #18: Hobbies

On this day, we get to know about people’s hobbies. What do they love? What are hobbies for them? How do they spend their free time? Let’s get to know with us.

Person 1

She successfully graduated the art school. She was drawing since her childhood, for 11 years already. — unfortunately, this interview was interrupted in the very beginning.

Person 2

At first, the person says he doesn’t have hobbies but then he tells that he plays volleyball and basketball every weekend when he has free time. He used to play football and tennis but when he tried volleyball he fell in love with it. He tells how he started playing volleyball: he tried it on the school lessons and then played with boys after classes. He also participated in some competitions with his team.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Person 3

She understood that she likes to draw when she studied in the art class at school. She usually draws when she is at home alone. When she draws she is concentrated and calm. She likes to turn on the classical music in the background. She feels solitude, tranquillity and serenity. Recently her co-worker showed how to draw in the wood burning technique. She liked it and began to do it too. She doesn’t plan to turn this hobby into a job. “Hobby is only for you, not for earnings. If you draw for money, the aesthetic beauty of drawings will be lost,” she believes.

Person 4

Playing the guitar, singing and drawing are just the main of her hobbies. She devotes several hours in about three days a week to the hobbies. She devotes most of her free time to hobbies because she doesn’t want to spend time watching TV or surfing the Internet.

She draws for 4–5 years already. One day she just felt like she wanted to draw. She did it and was happy with the result, so she continued to do it since then. She feels very concentrated during the drawing process and it is what she feels and likes. She enjoys seeing the finished piece much more than the process of their creation.

Photo by Haley Powers on Unsplash

What about the guitar, she plays it in companies of friends. While playing, she is very much concerned about whether she plays well or not. She learned to play the guitar on her own by watching videos and lessons on the Internet. The hobbyist has fun playing the songs of Linkin Park and similar bands. This hobby makes her happy when she learns to play a very complex new song.

She also creates dreamcatchers and sells them with the help of the Instagram page. This is one of her recent hobbies.

Fails and lessons learned

  1. Writing and interviewing at the same time doesn’t work.
  2. People say they have free time (ten minutes) when they don’t really have it. Why do they do it?
  3. The last person had many hobbies, we probably should have narrowed the talk down to one of them as we didn’t have time to go deep enough.
  4. A lot of “usually” questions were asked but nearly none “last time” ones.

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