30 days of Interviews challenge, day 21

Design thinking research about recreation and rest.

We are Wersatiles, a team of two talented creatives. Interviews were always the most challenging part of design thinking process for us. TheFutur inspired us to create something every day for 30 days and we chose to conduct a research on specific topic every day.

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At the end of each day, at least three strangers should have been interviewed. Our goal is to learn to find people’s problems and their causes, to see how people solve these problems and which of them they are unable to solve. This information should be useful for creation of new products and experiences with the help of design thinking.

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

Day #21: Recreation and rest

The topic is recreation. We wanted to know how, when and where people rest. On this wonderful day, we met a new friend. The second person we interviewed appeared to be very communicative and friendly. The three of us spent the whole day talking at the table.

Person 1

“You can rest alone or in the bustling, it depends on your mood,” he says. Recreation is when he doesn’t work and when nobody disturbs him.

When he wants to stay at home all day, he reads the books, does what he likes. Also, when he wants to see friends, he goes to the cinema or to the nightclubs.

He can’t think of a place for rest better than his home. Nothing is perfect, however, so he says it will be great to have more books to read at home.

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Person 2

“I love to rest”, she says when we come to her. When she wants to rest, she reads, draws, plays board games or watches cartoons. Recreation is recuperation from the job to do something that she likes (for example, draw illustrations and cartoons). When she comes home from work she usually spends some time resting and then gets to work on the interesting projects.

She became interested in board games at school. Her classmate played games instead of physical education lessons. Once, she joined to him and has loved it. Now, she often plays with friends. It’s a rest for her. She carries some board games in her backpack and shows them to us.

When she draws, she listens to music loud. When she reads, she needs tranquillity.

Another kind of rest for her is watching cartoons. She watches cartoons sometimes for self-education because she wants to become an animator.

Fails and Lessons Learned

  1. Be careful to not to start interviewing people who are sitting alone, seemingly doing nothing but actually waiting for someone.
  2. People’s habits are tranquillity for them.

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