How to start a successful Cleaning Company

The Beginning of Gleem — Startup Serial #01

How I’ve started a cleaning company and what you need to know about starting a new cleaning company.

We are Gleem, and I am the founder Joseph Edwards. Gleem is a 2 years old cleaning company that is providing quality domestic and commercial cleaning services in Bristol and Bath.

It sounds simple, and when people hear the industry in which I decided to start my company in, it doesn’t sound particularly inspiring, but I promise it is much more interesting than it first seems!

We have focussed on growing ourselves utilising the internet and social media via Facebook and Twitter and have so far found mixed success in our efforts in terms of response rate, interactions and inevitably sales.

We have decided to do something different, and we are doing it in the form of posting weekly on this blog. We are going to talk about the difficulties and challenges a startup faces in its journey to becoming exceptional. We plan to share everything on our journey to £100,000 in monthly revenue.

In short, we at Gleem will learn a lot — and hope you will too!

We will try to be very transparent, give you insights about how we have started and what you should know before starting.

Please feel free to interact, comment on and share our posts with anyone you think may be interested in the startup story, small businesses, the aspirations of a young company, or just cleaning in general.

We would like to make clear that we won’t be using this environment as a sales opportunity: it is more a way of tracking our clarity in vision and product market fit.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us!

What to expect next: 16 intriguing stories about how we have started (Startup Serials) and one Master where I’ll try to sum up my journey of starting a cleaning company.

Stay tuned until our next serial.

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