Dave Craige

dave. uber will never see the ipo daylight, unless they find some 8th grade powerball underwriter who doesn’t care about the lack of a workforce that ‘shows up’ on a daily basis or the 150+ lawsuits: a collage of burning cash like is 1999, going totally bust in india and china, they have zero presence in south america (brasilians have the market), USA class action trails, state (check today CPUC ruling), accidents (passengers signed off their birth right to sue, going to court), and driver attrition now 60% in 2–3 months time circa.

thus, it is time for drivers to look elsewhere for employment. surely, there is some dignity left in them.

what are you losing? $3.20 $5.00, $11/hr and your car gets trashed with the mileage ? and get mistreated by the full of themselves passengers ? AND then you pay the IRS.