How (and Why) I Built a Mobile-friendly Website for Our Vacation Rental
Keith Crosley:

Hi Keith — I love the post. But I wanted to point out something that’s in correct. At one point in the article, you say:


the “Starter” subscription level ($49/month if paid annually) gives access to some really extensive property management/central reservation management features, a customizable quote tool (again, very modern in design that works on mobile), various ways to take online payments and a lot more.


The “Starter” level doesn’t support access to online payments, according to their website page which I just reviewed. That feature is enabled at the “Pro” level, for an extra $80 or so per month.

I’m not trying to nitpick, you have lots of great content in the article & thank you for posting it.

Since I don’t expect to be managing 5+ rental properties in the future, I think the Pro level is out for me.

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