Why Don’t We Think Fat People Are Worth Fighting For?
Ijeoma Oluo

I’m so glad you wrote this!

In a complete demonstration of my privilege, I tend to shop wherever I find clothing that fits ME. I must say I generally do not notice if a store has a plus-size section, though I do notice stores that carry only ridiculously small sizes, like Forever 21, where I do not shop even when I’m at my thinnest and could probably fit their large sizes. Because Forever 21 is absolutely ridiculous — not only do they not support a multiplicity of sizes, they actively promote those that are unhealthily thin.

I am not looking for congratulations, but I wanted to be a fashion designer my whole life, and always thought it important to create fashion for all sizes, and always felt like the “average” size of a collection shouldn’t be a 0, but something around a 10–12 (you know, actually average), and always wanted to create plenty of options for much bigger girls. But I dropped out because I kept being forced to create stick-thin designs and ignore everything else, and I simply couldn’t stand this. I say this, again, not because I feel like that somehow makes me a good person, but to show that I do think about size inclusivity in fashion. And yet it had never occurred to me to pay attention to which store carries sizes bigger than mine, and to make sure to vote with my dollars on this very important issue.

So, thank you for writing this. I will start paying attention to which stores do not carry plus sizes, and start avoiding them. And I will also speak to my friends and family about this.