He Should Know How I Feel!

Something that I have learned as I have grown older, men are not mind readers. We think he should know what I like, want and need. I should not have to tell him.

Our anniversary is coming up and if he loves me he will know what I want. He should want to be and do everything for our new baby. He should know. He should know.

Well no, he does not know. Communication is a big part of a relationship. This being said, he needs direction, guidelines some sort of instructions. This does not mean he does not love you. It just means he does not know.

Example, I decided to get up one morning to ride my bike from Inglewood to Temescal Canyon. It’s a long distance ride. The last time I rode was a year ago. I go on my bike ride. Well it was a lot harder than I thought. On my way back from Temescal. My legs start to lock up. As I get closer to the house, I text my husband. “Had to get off my bike and walk it the rest of they way home, because my legs will not bend”. Does anyone know what I was trying to tell my husband in this statement? I was telling him something, because “HE SHOULD KNOW”.

Okay, what my husband should have known was 1) I never ever have gotten off my bike and walked it home. 2) If I am texting him this information, he should know something is wrong. 3) This is the best one of “he should know”, I need you to come and pick me up, I am hurting.

So, all the way on my walk home I was bitching about how he should know to come pick me up. How he does not love me. I kept saying really, really.

I get home. I get more mad that he is not at the door anxiously waiting for me. I put my bike in the garage. I am angry. My husband comes out to great me. I give him a dirty look. I roll my eyes and say not know I do not feel well. Give me a minute. I finally cool off. He takes this opportunity to say, look the next time you are having a problem. Please call or text me and say I am having a problem and I need you to do this… I am not a mind reader.

The moral of this story is if you do not communicate your needs to your partner. Your needs will not be met and you will not be happy.