Utah legislature tries to funnel money to nonprofits for public lands lawsuits
Jesse Prentice-Dunn

What, exactly makes you think that the State of Utah’s actions or ideas are disastrous ?

This land does not belong to the federal Government. It belongs to us.

We the People own the land no matter what the BLM people say. You know what has happened, it’s what has continually happened for more than a 150 years. The Federal Government has taken the land away and forced Tribes on to Reservations to suffer with nothing.

Now, the people that reside on the land, the Ute Tribe are not about to let this happen again. Nor are we.

All of you people waiting in the wings just want to use this land to make yourselves rich at the expense of the land and the Ute tribe. You can go pound sand.

Warning. Go do it in some other state