Advantages & Disadvantages of Social Networking

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What is social networking? Social networking is a platform for communication. Finding other people with similar interests is also possible with the help of mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many others. However, nothing is perfect as there will always be advantages and disadvantages to everything.

To begin with, social networking platforms are a great way for us to connect with people around the world, not to mention, we can also find our long lost friends since it is more accessible and convenient. Unlike in the past where people had to mail handwritten letters that would often take very long to get to the receiver.

Moreover, smartphones have become a huge part of daily life as most of us spend more time on such devices than other activities.We hardly ever leave our mobiles out of sight, some users even carry their phones to the bathroom. Hence, it is nearly impossible to miss out on any breaking news and important information as long as we subscribe to newsletters or Facebook pages.

On the other hand, being active on social media leaves negative impact on human interactions. Since in today’s modern society, all that is needed is mobile data and we can start to converse with anyone. This causes face-to-face interaction to be replaced by online communication in which can turn relationships sour.

In addition, social networking has increased the likelihood of teenagers to be a victim of cyberbullying. This is because application developers continue to create more engaging platforms, hoping that they will be able to successfully overtake Facebook, which is currently the most popular social media company.

In conclusion, it is evident that social networking brings about both its pros and cons. While technology and user friendly applications have made communication easier, we cannot deny that it has downsides as well. (Writer: Zio Tay and Concept: Glen Tay)

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