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Master Chan with a young & cheerful follower

Chan Chor Min Tong is an old temple located in 2 Jalan Kemaman, where followers of Buddhism come to pray. However, non-Buddhists living out of Singapore, who are looking to engage a Feng Shui master with more than four decades of experience, and get their fortune told by Master Chan aged 90 can still head over to the temple as it is only of a short walking distance from Balestier Plaza. Also, the temple is a place of worship filled with a lot of trees and herb plants in which they use to cook with, not to mention it allow visitors who attend the annual gathering held on every third day of the Lunar New Year with the intention of paying respects to main deity, Goddess of Mercy to be able to breathe fresh air that is not available everywhere. Furthermore, as we all know, children today prefer to play computer games to helping out at home.

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Upkeep the walkway using white painted bricks

Hence, parents can take this opportunity to bring their children there to inculcate good life habits, such as cleaning up after themselves as part of teaching virtue in hopes that they can learn not to take things for granted and start assisting their family members with house chores. All in all, the temple is a beautiful and quiet place that has served as a shelter for migrants who cannot support themselves. (Writer: Zio Tay and Concept: Glen Tay)

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