Jon Vaughn CEO and founder of Tier5, had his most successful week in business by staying true to a process taught by Russell Brunson. Jon considers himself as a non marketing guy because he doesn’t see himself as a marketer. It is his weakest skill but he thrives in engineering and software development.

Somehow he manage to make just over $33,000 in 7 Days by implementing a genius process. Here is Jon’s exact process:

“You don’t really need marketing skills, I don’t have any at all.

Now, sure will they help. For sure. …

You can own this software company

Tier5 Partnership is almost filled up

The Tier5 Partnership is filling up fast. In the last few days they have form partnerships with clickfunnels dream car winners like Catlin Bettridge to even become a Tier5 partners.

Becoming a Tier5 partner gives you massive benefits including an equity position with Tier5 (you actually own part of our company). Spots will keep filling up fast and you might miss out if you want in on this exclusive opportunity.

They are going to be at least a MILLION dollar a month company by 2020 according to the…

Glen Gould

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