YouTube Content ID Fails I

I am a classical musician, and over the last several years I have had to dispute hundreds — probably thousands of false content ID matches on my videos. That’s where they say you have something in your video — a song, text or graphic — that belongs to someone else (Music Company, author, artist). What is happening is that my performance and recording of, say, the “Moonlight Sonata” is being mistaken for Daniel Barenboim’s performance. Sometimes, though, these matches make no sense whatsoever, as when ‘Cantique Noel’ is mistaken for ‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’, or ‘Ave Maria’ is mistaken for ‘How’s the World Treating You’, or Chopin’s 13th prelude is being mistaken for the theme from “Hallowe’en.

In this video, I show two other amusing mis-matches.

I will have more to say on this later, but I must now go practice the piano before I go to bed. If you want to see me talking at more length (OK, kind of ranting) on this whole issue, you can watch me here:

I’d be delighted if anyone has some feedback. After years of being treated like a criminal by YouTube, I have had enough!