Do you need a new Music player experience?

When listening to music you want the best experience possible. While certain music services provide a pretty good experience, some of them don’t. Especially if you like non-mainstream music.

Common problems are: not able to use native media keys, constant switching between apps / tabs and service bound playlists. These problems are the main reason for Muno (short for music node). Muno thrives to be the one music player you need for listening to alternative / non-top40 music.


By combining two mayor music services into one native desktop app. Soundcloud & Youtube both doesn’t provide any native app and are ideal for listening non-mainstream music. This way Muno provides a native experience and solves all the problems.

Right now Muno is in Beta stage and we are looking for music lovers who would like to experience Muno on their Mac. Sign in to the Beta program on