Response to Peter Krautzberger’s “MathML is a failed web standard”
Paul Topping

Hi Paul.

As a web developer on what is probably a much smaller scale than your time investment and expertise, one thing that has made my desire to learn Math ML much more difficult is the lack of resources available from which I can learn. For example, I have been unable to find any recent books which cover the topic, and while there are many online resources which describe Math ML grammar and semantics, I learn better from a book which I can read and reread and practice what I have learned on a relatively real time basis. So far, I have only been able to locate a book specifically dedicated to Math ML published in 2002 by Pavi Sandhu. Math ML has come a long way since then, and I’d like my knowledge to be relatively up to date if I am going to learn it.

Having said that, I think that is precisely one of the reasons that Math ML on the Web has not caught on very much. None of the big tech publishing companies have either taken an interest or been prompted to do so. It would be nice if, for example, O’Reilly or Wiley’s wonderful “For Dummies” would publish a book dedicated to Math ML. I have noticed many books which incorporate the topic, but that tends to limit the overall coverage of a computer language, whether markup or otherwise, because many of the intermediate and advanced topics are usually not covered, and if they are covered, not very well.

I actually ran across your page after reading Peter Krautzberger’s article, and I was very glad to see your take on Math ML was very different from his. In particular, as a web developer for many years (personally, not professionally) I am always interested in learning new languages to broaden my potential professional opportunities.

I hope that your call for a greater effort at implementation and/or improved standards will be heard and taken seriously.

Thanks for the article.

Glenn Alperin

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