A new tool doesn’t automatically make you more productive

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One day I noticed a change on my YouTube feed. There were videos about this new product called Notion popping up all over my homepage. I am passionate about the topic of productivity, so naturally, this hottest productivity tool on the Internet piqued my interests. After watching about 8 hours of YouTube tutorials and fiddling with a million features in Notion, I realized as good as everything all looks, Notion won’t make me a more productive person. It won’t magically turn all my goals into reality.

To be fair, this is not what Notion claims to do. It’s simply an organization tool. “A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one.” What I am afraid of is that the marketing messages I am getting from these YouTube videos will create illusions of dramatically improved productivity for an average user. The celebrity effect — a productivity guru on YouTube discussing how Notion “hacks” all aspects of life is very powerful indeed, but I have reasons to believe that the value one gains from switching to Notion may not be as glorified as it sounds. …



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