#MasculinitySoFragile — So How Do We Fix It?
Hayden Woolley

Lol. Hayden, I have a few questions for you. Please, try and answer them seriously.

  1. Does femininity have no flaws you want to fix?
  2. Do you understand that the traits of masculinity you seem to loathe and believe need to be “fixes” only exist because women chose to mate with men who displayed those traits, yes?
  3. Do you understand that there is more going on between men and women wrt intersexual social dynamics than a simple oppressor/victim dyad? Do you not realize both parties have lots of power?

I’ll leave it there and see if you have the guts to actually answer challenging questions in an honest way. And yes, I’m assuming you won’t because if the incredible hostility towards masculinity that you manifest in your writings. It’s funny, if I changed the word “masculinity” to “negroid” in your commentary, you would call it hate speech in an instant. But hey, prove me wrong, enter into actual dialog here. I’m ready.

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