Starbuck’s Shame

As usual it’s the lies and misinformation that reflects worse on the brand. Why is it so hard for corporates to tell the truth?

The UK press is all awash today with the shocking revelation that cafes like Starbucks are serving drinks with as many as 25 teaspoons of sugar per cup. 25 teaspoons!

The papers are reporting research from Action on Sugar which found that 98% of 131 hot drinks checked from the big high street coffee shop chains would carry a “red” warning for excessive levels of sugar if they were forced to label them.

The biggest crime is from the Starbuck’s Hot Mulled Fruit drink which contains the headline 25 teaspoons of sugar — three times the the maximum recommended intake for a fully grown adult.

Starbucks protest that it is committed to reducing added sugar in its “indulgent drinks” but that, unfortunately is simply a lie.

You see a quick bit of googling finds that the drink in question is not a piece of old legacy that they haven’t got round to reformulating yet. It’s a brand new drink just launched in October 2014. Proving that Starbucks are not actively reducing the sugar in their drinks range — they’re actually launching new drinks with more sugar in them than ever before.

The inability of company’s like Starbucks to be straight and honest with their customers will be their downfall. The world is changing guys — customers have a bigger voice than ever before and we’re fed up with your lies and cover ups. Everyone knows when they’re being stold untruths and isn’t nice.

You’ll get my custom back when you can look me in the eye and tell a straight story.

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