Glenn Kriczky: Working in Information Systems

Glenn Kriczky will admit that his long career in the information technology and business management industries was not always easy. However, he will also admit that something worth achieving is rarely easy. Kriczky will credit his intellect and observational skills as a piece of the reason why he has been so consistently successful. On top of those skills, his perseverance and dedication to committing his absolute best to a project is what he believes helps him reach the top of the business mountain and stay there.

Its takes a keen mind to stay on top of any business industry. Glenn Kriczky has just that along with a methodical and detailed approach to every work project. Because of this, Kriczky was able to work his way up to a Vice President position for a company. Associated Wholesalers Inc. was proud to have Glenn Kriczky as a part of the team. It was there that Kriczky became the Vice President of Information Technology. With Kriczky, the company was able to continue to promote profitability throughout their retailers.

While serving as the Vice President of Information Systems for Association Wholesalers Inc., Kriczky looked over all data, and manages all the systems that were connected to the data of the company. In this position, Kriczky was able to thrive constantly and find himself in a position that he truly enjoyed. Serving ten years as the Vice President of Information Systems, Glenn Kriczky made a large impact over the department that he presided over for so long.

Glenn Kriczky had a full team beneath him while he worked as the Vice President. There were over one hundred full time members within the department, all split under the directors that Kriczky has immediately beneath him. During this time, Kriczky was able to learn a large part of leadership and continue to add skills that he would use throughout his ongoing career in the business world.

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