Welcome to the Wellness Revolution: Old-school Wisdom meets Cutting-edge Tech
Tim Chang

Hi Tim — This is all fine but to truly form and maintain health habits, the science shows that extrinsic motivators — like rewards — are absolutely required. Simple data/feedback does not work by itself. This is why I developed Wellcoin.

Wellcoin is fast becoming the rewards platform for healthy behavior. People have used more than 200 health apps and devices to verify their claims of healthy behavior on Wellcoin. For their effort, they earn Wellcoins, which can subsequently be redeemed for rewards in our Marketplace.

Anyone can create an account for free and soon thereafter, will begin qualifying for rewards from our partners including PUMA, Reebok, Whole Foods Market, NFLShop.com and about 65 others.

Thanks, Glenn Laffel, MD, PhD

CEO, Wellcoin, www.wellcoin.com