Multi-functional Apple Mail Backup Tool

Mail Backup X — A Multi-functional Apple Mail Backup Tool

The best thing about Mail Backup X is that it has so many features which make it the most practical Apple Mail backup tool on the market. It’s compatible with all other online and offline email clients and it even gives you a chance to import email data which you have previously converted from one mail format to another.

The results Mail Backup X produces are highly searchable due to the fact that they contain corresponding attachments and are distributed in the original order. If you need to find an email, contact entry or a calendar, task of years back, you can make queries to the system more complex than in any other software. For example, you can find a file only by the date when you received it or the format of attached files.

Backing up Apple Mail files with Mail Backup X tool will save valuable storage space since the compression feature compresses the files to a 3x less size. Then, you can choose the target destination for the backup. Either it’s the local disk drive or external USB drive or even the FTP server, you’ll be able to restore files without any damages.

Set up this backup tool to automatically pick up emails as they come in the Apple Mail Inbox or create a schedule so it triggers on a specific time and date.

Check the official website of Mail Backup X and don’t miss to read more about the three License types to choose from.

Also, make sure to learn more about all the ways you can benefit from this Apple Mail backup tool.