The Perfect Mail Backup Tool for Mac


Have you been hunting for a fail proof method to backup and restore emails from Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox in your computer? If your answer is yes, you should definitely take a look at the Mail Backup X, which is the latest invention in email management technology.

The Mail Backup X is a certified Email data backup software which is loaded with brilliant features that let all mac email users create safe email backups without having to work too hard.

The main reasons why you should be checking out the Mail Backup X are stated below.

  • The Mail Backup X is designed so that it can effortlessly Backup & Restore Mails from Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox and other OLM/MBOX/RGE based formats
  • It can back up your emails both online and offline
  • The Mail Backup X works with various email apps and multiple formats so that you can have the chance to see your email content from different apps without having to switch in between.
  • The Mail Backup X comes with an inbuilt search feature that works on hi-end programming that lets you specifically look for the files that you want to review before or after the backup. Also giving you access to single or selective email backup.
  • You can compile the backed up email files in PDF format. This is the most exciting feature that makes your formerly inaccessible mac emails, open for a wider user base to access. This is the best feature of the Mail Backup X after its backup abilities, according to users.
  • The Mail Backup X is not only a backup tool but also an email converter in itself. It lets you convert your email database from mac based formats to other formats. It is now your safest bet for both email backup and conversion.

Apart from these, the Mail Backup X offers some great paybacks that boost its performance and value.

  • It is simple to operate
  • It can be installed without help
  • It can get to work in seconds after installation
  • It makes 100% safe email backups
  • It does not hang or crash ever
  • It has a smooth and attractive UI
  • It has a wizard based user interface
  • It will convert your email database to other formats
  • It has a simple design and a clutter free look
  • It offers free and friendly support
  • It offers a free demo version
  • The full version offers free updates for an year

You should definitely check out the free trial edition of the Mail Backup X. Once you are happy with the free demo version, you can go ahead and order it in a package according to your work and budget. Don’t miss the chance to win total control over your email files.

The Mail Backup X is the future of mac email recovery and of other apps as well. Take the leap. You won’t regret it.