As the year comes to an end, it’s always nice to go into a contemplative mood to take stock of the journey thus far.

Here’s some of my thoughts of what being an entrepreneur means to me:

1) Always staying true

When we pivoted to a new business model, I had no clue on how to move ahead. …

Here’s my general daily routine for the past few months:

I wake up at 9am. Eat something. Watch some YouTube videos. Nap at 11am. Wake up again with a headache at 1pm. Read TechCrunch, Tech in Asia, e27 and feel that my startup’s a failure. For the next few hours I think constantly on how to make my startup work but usually it ends like how it started, all thinking and no actionables. At 7pm I patiently wait for my mum to buy me dinner and I YouTube again till 12mn and go to sleep feeling sorry for myself.

“A startup’s not easy.” “There’s only a 1% chance you’ll succeed.” “Just take it as a learning experience if it…


Glenn Ong

Co-founder of Fixir (www.fixir.co)! Hit me up at glennong@fixir.co

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