I have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. On January 1 every year, millions of people identify things about themselves that they want to improve on, except very few actually follow through (myself included!). I always subconsciously set goals for myself and after reading Stefan Aleksic’s “TODO” list I thought it’d be a great idea to write them down.

By April 27, 2017, I want to :

  1. Meet someone new everyday!
  2. Get my driver’s license.
  3. Attend at least a hackathon a month.
  4. Score 1500+ on the SAT or a 25 on my ACT.
  5. Go to a concert.
  6. Get into college.
  7. Help Poolesville’s CyberPatriot team make it to nationals.
  8. Read a book every month.
  9. Run a 5K.
  10. Finish Cracking the Coding Interview.
  11. Travel to 5 new states.
  12. Help both Poolesville’s FRC & FTC teams reach District Championships.
  13. Make a custom alarm clock.
  14. Reach debate playoffs.
  15. Get to Gold in USACO.
  16. Run track.
  17. Dunk. :)