Connecting the C’s of Motivation with Customer Personas

I’m connecting these two to get a rough idea how to best motivate users. As I mentioned before, I believe the majority of people are either Spontaneous or Humanistic.

The C’s of Motivation are the easiest way for me to understand motivation as it works in an educational setting. I also endeavor to explain the term in forms of a type of game since I find they are great ways to visualize these terms.

Choice. Giving alternatives to accomplishing a goal. It’s also a form of nonconformity. Open world games like GTA work this way. Works best: Spontaneous, Methodical

Control. Give the user control over the situation and allow them to shape the outcome, instead of the system giving instructions. Simulations like Fallout Shelter are prime examples. Works best: Competitive, Methodical.

Challenge. Add a bit of struggle (but not too much) to progress. This gives some sort of satisfaction after it’s accomplished. Puzzle games like Portal work this way. Works best: Competitive, Methodical

Collaboration. Social interaction and cooperation incites action. MMORPGs like Clash of Clans are the ones that come to mind. Works best: Humanistic, Spontaneous

Constructing Meaning. Valuing the activity internally by finding how it relates to their own lives. Related to intrinsic rewards. Not sure what game metaphor works here. Works best: Humanistic, Methodical

Consequences. Appreciation and recognition of effort. Casual games are notorious in exchanging praise for effort (see Candy Crush). Works best: Competitive, Spontaneous

Seems like Collaboration, Choice, Consequences, Constructing Meaning and are the best motivational areas to focus on, in order.