The Best Way To Manage Tasks Ever (for me)

I’ve been using this methodology for a long while now and while it works very well for me as a founder who has a mix of low-level rank-and-file tasks and high-level leadership and problem solving work.

I create a calendar for every important part of my life.

At the highest level, I create a calendar for every important part of my life. It not only includes businesses I’m involved in but also personal stuff like faith, bonding time, chores and community work. Different color per calendar of course, to make it easy to review my projects for the week.

  1. All of my important projects are assigned to one of my calendars. It’s easier to say no to a project if they don’t fit my calendars, a simple proxy of my priorities. Each project is then assigned to a huge chunk in the calendar, at least two hours. The more important ones go in the morning, which is my prime time or best time to work. And the most important ones are recurring on a daily basis.
  2. For my project tasks, each of them goes into one of the projects in the calendar. This also makes the task time bound to a certain extent. My format for the event chunks is “Project Name: task” and I edit the tasks part to fit what I need to do for that time.
  3. For my routine chores, I also assign them to a calendar and add them wherever I can fit them. They can mostly be done in a few minutes but I calendar them so I don’t forget
  4. For one-off tasks that I need to do in the future, I use reminders via Google Inbox or my calendar on the browser, whichever is handy at the time. More often than not though, I get to them immediately if they can be done in a couple of minutes.

I only have my calendar open at all times since it’s static versus my inbox which is a constant nag. To this end, I also never use todo apps any more. Also, anything that doesn’t fit into a calendar or project isn’t added so I don’t do them.

it’s nice to have a goal of monotasking

I also rearrange the chunks quite often to make sure I only work on one thing at a time. Of course in reality, this might not be the case but it’s nice to have a goal of monotasking as much as possible. I also only look at my calendar in the 3-day view so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Of course, the calendar is not my drill sergeant so I don’t need to follow it strictly. Again, it’s good to have an ideal to aim for.