My Dissertation, A Wedding, The Wild Goose Festival, 15 Books, 12 Papers, A New Project, Being A Home Owner, And Jordan’s 2nd Summer

Glenn Siepert
Jun 25, 2018 · 4 min read

I’m kind of going off the grid for a couple of months. I’ll still be posting stuff on Facebook and Instagram and the Tweeter, but won’t be blogging until later in August / September.


Because there’s a lot going on over these next few months that is demanding my undivided attention.

(1) I have the honor of officiating my sister-in-law’s wedding in July. We’ll be heading down to Charleston, SC where we’ll get to be part of her special day as she marries her best friend and one of my favorite people. Since her and I are so close and I’ve known her for such a long time (since she was in 4th grade when I was her Sunday School teacher!), it’s going to be a special, special day that requires a fair amount of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation on my part.

(2) Shortly after that I’ll be attending the Wild Goose Festival in Asheville, NC as part of the last class I’ll be taking for my doctoral degree. The Wild Goose Festival, in short, is a gathering of people from all over the country who come together to talk about important social justice issues and look at the Scriptures through a modern, progressive lens. A lot of authors and pastors that have shaped my own faith journey will be there speaking, recording podcasts, and chatting with people — it’s going to be AMAZING.

(3) Along with that class, I have 15 books to read and 12 papers to write, which are due towards the end of November. One of the papers is a 20-page theology paper on the book of Mark that will probably consume most of October and November, but the other papers coincide with the books and festival and so my goal is to knock them out by the end of August or beginning of September (which means I better start reading!).

(4) Towards the middle of August I’ll be announcing a NEW project that I’ve been working on since last October. As many of you know I used to pastor a church and although I enjoyed it immensely, there was an crazy amount of stuff that I didn’t enjoy and wasn’t all that passionate about. I used to beat myself up over that because isn’t a guy with a Masters of Divinity in Church Development who’s 3/4 of the way through a Doctoral Program at a seminary and who was awarded a preaching scholarship SUPPOSED to pastor a church? I thought so, too, but it seems like God has other ideas and thanks to the last 3 years in the before mentioned doctoral program along with an extremely supportive wife, a mom and dad who believe in me like crazy, and friends and professors who push me and encourage me to just be me, I’m finally at a place in my life where I’ve accepted that AND am more excited about it than ever. The project is starting out small, but will evolve and expand and I can’t wait to share the details with you. Stay tuned!

(5) Dana and I own a home now and there are a few things that need to be done outside before the Fall / Winter arrive. I have a few big projects lined up that I’d like to check off the list and since they’re big, they’re going to require some time and some research since I’m not 100% sure what in the world I’m doing. HA! Stay tuned for pictures!

(6) This is Jordan’s SECOND Summer on earth. I can’t believe it. But it occured to me the other day that 17 Summer’s from now she’ll be graduating high school and going to college. Yes, we only have 17 Summer’s left with this precious girl before that moment arrives and so mommy and daddy want to spend some quality time with her playing and laughing and giggling and making memories.

(7) Oh, and my dissertation. I’m handing in the rough draft next week (120-ish pages) and will be editing it in the Fall (September — December) so that I can defend it next Spring and graduate in May. I have some more research to do before handing it in next week, so I need to buckle down and get it done.

So, there you have it. The next time you’ll be hearing from me on here will be in August when I share the link that will direct you to my new project. So, until then, I’ll catch you on Facebook and other places.

Peace and much love to you all.

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