These are a few of my favourite iOS Tools and things…

There are many tools needed for every development job. (Photo by Philip Swinburn on Unsplash)

I’ve just had someone ask if there are any particular tools that I like to use. Tooling is an important issue, just like you would make sure your IDE is as productive as you can, as mobile developers we need to use other tools from time to time. While I do mainly Xamarin development, this list also applies if you are developing using Swift or Objective-C

Here are the ones I use on a day to day basis.

Github Desktop. I use this to manage my resources for projects. Not all of my projects are code. Some are asset-based like documents, narration files etc, so I like to make sure that is available

PomTimer. I like using this awesome little productivity tool. If you haven’t checked out the Pomodoro technique. You should and it’s great.

Sketch. I do all my icons in this fantastic tool. I use other icon libraries or ones supplied by designers that I use. I tend to only make a few apps a year now because I do a lot of work in the space but am always building apps. The apps I build are never simple.

Audacity. If you use audio in your apps, it is a great tool for cleaning up the audio files. I have about 100MB of narration in one of my apps. Without Audacity, it would be a nightmare to edit. It’s also a good tool if you are editing a podcast.

Datum. A good tool on the Mac to analyse your SQLite files. When you’re debugging and you are doing things on the device, you may want to bring the information in and then look at it. I find this tool invaluable.

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. I use Azure Storage quite a lot and I like the ability to see and manipulate what is going on. There are a couple of non-profit organisations I’ve written apps for and I use Azure Storage for them. It helps to manage overall costs and when you pair it with Azure Functions. It’s a really good option.

Adobe After Effects. I’ve been building animations with Lottie recently, so I have been using this tool. Strangely I used to be a director on a TV talk show that was on community TV and I learnt After Effects then. It can be a complex tool, but if you know how to use it it is incredible.

Camtasia. Useful for screen recording for presentations

PixelMator. I use this for photo editing. I don’t have a need for lots of photo editing so I use this instead.

I’ll keep editing this over time. If I think of any more, I’ll add them in. Feel free to suggest some if you have yours that you like too.