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Relationship Insights

The development of devotion and trust is crucial.

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When passion and sensual feelings emerge before devotion and trust, then love and affection may fail to materialize. Lust alone is not enough to sustain a relationship.

Sudden sensual and erotic involvement will only make a couple feel close prematurely. A foundation of trust, with mutual respect, is needed to get through tough times and misunderstandings.

I know many couples that ended new relationships because of misunderstandings. I’ve had a couple of relationships myself that ended early, after a quick progression at the start, and I had learned some valuable lessons from these experiences.

Develop Comfort and Acceptance in a New Relationship

Relationships are combined with both happiness…

Would you rather grow old alone?

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I’ll tell you something; As we get older, it’s getting much harder to meet anyone who is halfway reasonable. That is for either of two reasons:

1. They are already in a good relationship.
2. Many who are still single prefer to keep it that way.

As for the second point, those are the ones who made their own lives and are strong enough to take care of themselves. They don’t feel that they need a man in their lives. I find many of these women, and they are the best. However, they are not available.

This awareness leads to…

Let’s see why they were distributed

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The purpose of this article is to analyze how several of my articles where successfully curated and learn from the results.

Medium recently changed its curation methods. We no longer see where curated stories are distributed because they removed the topics from the stats report. When I look at the details under my stats report, it merely says, “Chosen for further distribution.”

They used to list the individual topics, such as “Distributed by curators in Writing and Marketing,” as shown in the example below.

Don’t buy my book. My online articles are better.

Book Cover. Author: Glenn Stok

I published the book, “What Was I Thinking? A review of relationships,” in 2009, but I don’t recommend it. My online articles are better.

Ten years of creating online content helped me improve my writing skills to bring better value for my readers.

Many of my topics relate to the same subjects discussed in my book, which was written for those who want to settle down and get past commitment issues.

I consider my book obsolete because since publishing it, I added a lot more on the subject with my articles online. The following is a summary of those articles.

What Happens When a Relationship Starts Too Fast?

Four things that cause trouble in relationships

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I’m going to share a four things that I noticed cause trouble in the relationships of my friends and even my own.

  1. Lack of respect
  2. Lacking face-to-face contact
  3. Lacking Acceptance of your partner’s needs
  4. Lacking vulnerability

I have friends who ended their relationships with marriages that failed after years of togetherness and partnerships that ended abruptly. Even friendships don’t always continue.

People don’t always realize what’s standing in the way, especially when they are not aware of it. Let’s review these four things I mentioned.

1. Lack of Respect

I like to think of relationships as a team effort. That means partners behave as…

Once something is known, fear vanishes

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Are you feeling stuck?

When you face a new endeavor, one that has many unknowns, it’s reasonable to be fearful.

Procrastination occurs when we don’t have any idea how it will turn out. That scars us. We end up feeling stuck and can’t move forward.

Once everything becomes known, there is no longer anything to fear. The way to make something known is to get involved without holding yourself back, despite having fearful feelings. But how?

It’s vital to avoid such feelings. They are real, no doubt about it. But we need to accept those feelings and own up to it.

Take charge of…

Writing Tips

And give readers what they want

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Focus is crucial to keep your reader’s interest. I’ll discuss how you can accomplish that while writing, so you don’t need to revise a lot later while proofreading.

Stay With Your Title

It’s important to remember what your primary intent is as you write. If the reader detects they are not getting the information they expected from the title, they will quickly lose interest and leave without reading any further.

Your title is a promise that you will fulfill. Do your readers a favor by keeping that promise. It doesn’t do any good when you go off on a tangent. …

Writing Tips

I don’t see it as procrastination

Photo by Steven Su on Unsplash

This essay is an analysis of four people who had the potential to be a great writer, but who didn’t have the depth of passion and emotion necessary to share with humanity.

Four of my friends have great potential for writing, so I thought. I felt they had proven that in the way they write lengthy content in emails, expressing thoughts that could be beneficial and helpful to anyone who reads them.

However, they were not sharing that with anyone other than me. So I expressed my opinion to consider exploiting what they are doing by taking it a step…

The future of artificial intelligence

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This is a short review in a few words about giving computers the ability to simulate human feelings and emotions, comparing binary calculations to using neural networks.

Computers are programmed to do everything with mathematical calculations. There is no other way with our present technology. Everything is calculated with binary limitations. It’s all zeros and ones.

That might change when we make computers function with neural networks, similar to our brain, with chemical and electrical synapses.

Nevertheless, despite that limitation, we have a tremendous capability. We already have programmed computers to simulate human skin tones in animated motion pictures.


In various publications that accept poetry

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash (Title added by author)

I write about many topics to enlighten my readers and answer questions. In addition, I like to write poetry, specifically romantic poems.

I know that doesn’t do well on Medium mainly because it doesn’t serve any purpose other than entertainment. Poems don’t appear in search requests for information on life and well being, even if they have a hidden agenda to express such issues.

If you happen to be one who enjoys finding deep thoughts beyond the realm of everyday experience, the kind that lives in poetry, then we know why you are already here, reading this much of my…

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