He wasn’t for enforcing anything..
Peter Jacobson

I certainly don’t support funding for that kind of stuff. But it’s not like he was authorizing people to just electro-shock their gay children or something. And that seems to be the perception. It was funding for a voluntary treatment, and he didn’t specify whether it was for gay people either. Though, I assume anyone who supported it had LGBT people in mind.

When it comes to G.W. Bush, I guess I’m more in agreement with White Supremacists lol. Bush was one of the worst things that ever happened to this country. He, along with Hillary Clinton and the rest of the hawks, is responsible so much of what is wrong with the world right now. Chaos in the Middle East, immigration crisis, monstrous debt, surveillance state, Islamaphobia, and so much more come from the way Bush responded to 9/11. I was deeply opposed to Bernie Sanders, but I admit he had it right on drug laws and some others. I am deeply opposed to White Supremacy, but I agree that endorsing Trump is alright and not endorsing Bush is fantastic.

Trump is certainly a wild card. But I highly doubt marriage equality is going away. My hope is that the states will just start taking themselves out of marriage in the first place. The only reason the government got involved marriage was to prevent interracial marriage. I don’t know why anyone thinks the government has a role to play or a right to get involved there.

We will have to wait and see. Not sure if you are LGBT, but much love to you if you are (or aren’t). I won’t stay quiet if I see anything directed against gays in our government. Never have, never will.

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