“My solution, as always, is smaller government and freer markets.”

Thanks for reading several of my entries and for your thoughtful response.

I love the “Classtopia” idea. I’m a teacher as well, but I teach big kids in Thailand. I was actually more of a Socialist when I graduated college and began teaching, but, as you point, the classroom teaches you a lot about how the free market works. Observing and working with my students made a Libertarian out of me. It’s amazing to watch them operate when you give them incentives, limited resources, and freedom to do what they please with those things.

Are you trying to point out a contradiction in the two quotes you cited from “The Paradox that Prevents Peace”? If so, I can explain.

My point about free markets being the solution is less about the, lets’s say, “free market of war and peace,” and more about the indirect effects of the free market. Free markets allow us to pursue our interests and exchange property with each other. This results in greater prosperity, greater intelligence, and more friendship. And a prosperous, intelligent, and friendly society is less likely to go to war. Trading freely with ourselves as Americans has and will continue to make us the envy of the world’s eye, and if we can promote that free markets are what has and will cause our success, it will encourage the rest of the world to follow suit. Hence, peace. And then trading more freely with the rest of world will continue this trend to an even greater extent.

I think this can be done whilst funding a powerful defense as a public good. :)

I’m mulling over “the actual demand for war and peace” now. Could be inspiration for another blog entry! ;)

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