Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

There are a lot of non-facts here:

  • Pence has never said anything close to supporting electro-shock therapy.
  • Trump never promised to support SCOTUS justices to go against gay marriage.
  • Trump did not admit to sexual assault. He said women “let” him grab them. Women have an inherent right to consent to sexual behavior.
  • He called some illegal Mexican immigrants rapists, not all Mexicans rapists.
  • He never actually said or proposed a Muslim registry. There were questions about it from reporters, and he gave ambiguous answers. It was never clear whether he was talking about Muslims, refugees, Muslim refugees, or illegal immigrants. Regardless, he’s never proposed a Muslim refugee.
  • He was endorsed by the Klan. But that doesn’t mean he supports the Klan, for God’s sake. The Communist Party endorsed Clinton. That doesn’t make her a Commie.

In the end, Trump is the most pro-LGBT candidate in the history of the Republican Party.

Obama wasn’t for gay marriage when he was elected. And Clinton was strongly opposed a few years ago.

This is all very silly.

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