I think if you were LGBT you might be more concerned and better appreciate the fears here.
Peter Jacobson

You’re totally twisting what he supported. He never said a thing about conversion therapy or electro-shock therapy. He supported funding for organizations that “provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” He wasn’t for enforcing anything.

He’s not seeking to overturn the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage. It’s settled law, as he said.

You’re not guilty of assault because someone accused you of it. You are guilty when it’s proven. Backwards logic is suggesting that people be convicted for alleged crimes. Presumed innocence until guilt is proven is a basic human right.

As I said, you are not guilty by association. The Communist Party endorsed Clinton, and she wasn’t even asked about it.

Trump held up the rainbow flag at a Colorado rally and had Peter Theil speak at the RNC. He said “I’m proud to be gay” and received an enormous applause. Gay people have nothing to worry about.

Who says I don’t empathize with people? I empathize with Latinos, Muslims, and people who could be mistaken for Latinos and Muslims. Some Latino-Americans could be harassed for being thought of as illegal immigrants, and some Muslims could be harassed for being thought of as terrorists. And I feel deeply for them, and I hope everyone feels comfortable soon.

But LGBT Americans, blacks, women, and other groups don’t get to just piggy-back on every instance of possible prejudice. They can empathize with the at-risk groups, but they don’t get any sympathy themselves. They’re being narcissistic if they expect any. It’s what many call “The Oppression Olympics.”

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