Five Interesting Facts About Indonesian Law

As a foreigner, you might find these facts interesting and useful to know.

  1. Indonesian legal system and (some obsolete) laws are mainly derived from the old colonial Dutch laws. This means that knowledge of the Dutch language is still useful up to these days to understand Indonesian laws.
  2. We adopt the civil law system. This means we do not recognize precedents as binding. Judges are free to decide the case based on the evidence and the prevailing laws.
  3. In order to understand the basic concepts of Indonesian laws, you need to read the Indonesian Constitution, which is called “Undang-Undang Dasar 1945”
  4. As a foreigner, when you do not have the skills to read law in Bahasa Indonesia, you can rely most of the times by reading the latest legal news and articles at
  5. An Indonesian lawyer can practice both as a solicitor and a barrister. Every kind of lawyer is called as “Advokat”.
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