By the Numbers

Four Indicators of Exemplary Leadership

  1. High Morale — What is employee’s state of mind?
  2. Espirit de Corps — Is there pride, enthusiasm, loyalty to the unit?
  3. Discipline — Do team members have prompt obedience to orders and initiate action in absence of orders?
  4. Proficiency — Does the team have the ability to accomplish the mission?

Breakthroughs in increasing time and improving results:

  1. Clean the office — Fundamental Practice #1
  2. Meet with secretary 20 minutes every day. Redefine your secretary’s role. Secretary runs the show, do what you’re told. Handles calendar, mail and paperwork.
  3. 0. Do nothing. Develop people so that you become replaceable.

Glenn Wood Plainfield 202

From Plainfield, IL, Glenn Wood is an Assistant Superintendent who has been working in education for more than 25 years.

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