Instagram has become an outlet that rewards the most privileged members of society -the problem

About 2 years ago a twenty something, blonde, tall, slim, student from Europe came to vacation in Hawaii where I live, she then started to share her bikini pictures on Instagram. It quickly got people’s attention, she was living the ‘’dream’’ vacationing in one of the most sought out destinations around the world and rocking a body girls aspire to have.

Her feed was all of the sudden full of likes and comments, one of the commentators asked: where did you get your bikini from? I want it! she replied tagging the bikini shop. At the time a friend of mine was working for that bikini shop and that’s how I got to know this story.

Days later the shop owner decided to send some bikinis her way because hey ‘’she’s now popular and it’s good marketing for the business’’.

To date, her account has almost half of a million followers, she now gets paid to travel the world sponsored by airlines, hotels, resorts, beauty and fashion brands. All these companies afford her the life of travel her thousand of followers wish they have too.

I have seen her instagram account growing from a thousand followers to what it is now. I find it problematic when I go through her pictures and read comments from young girls writing things like ‘’life goals’’ ‘’I admire you’’ ‘’you are my inspiration’’ in pictures where she is tanning at the beach in a tiny bikini.

And I rise the question, what is there to admire? when you are born with all the privileges that your first world country passport affords you and looks this society has determined as the epitome of beauty?

I can’t help but reflect on how ridiculous it’s been in recent years this generation’s desire to reward the most privileged members of society with praise, fame as well as wealth. All this Instagram sensations that aside from taking cool photos a big majority do nothing to better this world.

Kylie Jenner has 97 million followers, while Malala Yousafzai a nobel peace prize doesn’t even reach a million despite doing work worthy of admiration.

The older you get the more you realize that money and fame does not make you happy and travel for the sake of travel either.

A better world first need better influencers such us educators, scientists, peace makers, storytellers, activists and healers of all kinds, anyone with a love for humankind.

But first we need to wake up. Start admiring people whose work improves this world and inspire you to change and empower one another to build a better world without wars, discrimination, racism and poverty

We have so much to do, let’s get to work!

Just my thoughts.