Tokenomics 101

  • Airdrops
  • Liquidity Provider rewards
  • Staking rewards
  • Partnership incentives
  • Contribution and Activity rewards
  • Bug bounties
  • Who are the ecosystem participants? What do they do and why are they incentivized to do this?
  • How can people earn tokens?
  • What is the token used for?
  • Is this an inflationary or deflationary token? All things being equal, how will supply and demand influence the price over time?
  • How does the network earn revenue and accrue value?
  • How is this value distributed to token holders?
  • Why will people want to hold the token? Governance? Being able to use the network? Accrual of rewards?
  • How will the protocol be governed? (If you are not looking to get involved with governance) Can my votes be delegated?



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Glen Rose

Glen Rose

Investment analyst at Serafund. @glenr0se on Twitter.