Who Else Regularly Checks Their Credit Report?
Nicole Dieker

Your article reminded me to check so I just did, with mixed results.

TransUnion and Equifax show my credit record, but I need to have Adblock (and Ublock Origin) turned off to see one of the tabs. Having done that, it appears they would really like to sell me an extra service to see their version of my “credit score” — I decline.

(The record itself looks fine, and reminds me I have an extra credit card I never use and should probably cancel.)

Experian is the odd man out; it says:
We’re sorry…A condition exists that prevents Experian from being able to accept your request at this time.

A condition exists? Seriously, that’s the best you can do? (The backup option suggested is to re-request using physical mail, like some kind of 1980s caveman.)

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